Retreat Chi Gathering 2018

Sunday 17 June – Thursday 21 June

The Labbnäs Experience: Chi gung in the barn before breakfast, or outdoors by the lake; all morning the raising of your chi; good food, sitting in the sun, good company, stillness, swimming; then dialogues to penetrate the problems of living; talks, revelations, inspiration, sauna, sleep. And this year, it’s in the week of Midsummer, a festival of light in Finland, when the day is long, the solar chi powerful and the land is bathed in midsummer magic.

‘At the ‘Chi Gathering’ each year I pull together various strands of the work done in previous months. The work on developing the perception of chi continues, using chi gung and nei gung exercises, talks, dialogues and meditations. My purpose is to use the perception of chi to accelerate the consciousness of the individual. I set that in a bigger picture by speaking about the cosmic power of our evolving consciousness. What does that mean for you? Potentially, it means bringing into being a love that is more real than the current human condition can allow.’

Arrival Sunday 17 June – Registration 13.00 – Lunch 13.30 – First session 15.00.
Departure Thursday 21 June after lunch at 12.30.

If travelling from outside Finland to Labbnäs it will probably be necessary to stay overnight on Saturday either at Labbnas or in Helsinki. Please submit your booking form before you make any travel arrangements. We will advise you about flights, extra accomodation and onward travel to Labbnas.

Accommodation at Labbnäs:
Including all meals from lunch on Sunday 17 to lunch on Thursday 21 June
Shared room €335
Single room €410
Fee: €220 (£190). Late booking fee (after May 15) €260 (£230).
The fee is paid on booking, or in two instalments. The accommodation is paid on arrival.
You will receive details of how to pay on receipt of your booking form (below).