Chi Gathering

Late Summer Retreat 2023

A Residential Retreat
With Clive Tempest
Labbnäs, Kimito, Finland
16/17 – 20 August 2023

It’s often been said that to change your consciousness is like passing through a portal, going through a strait gate to enter a new place. It’s true. You do have to take that bold step into the new. You have to enter a new space inside and immerse yourself there. You have to stop looking through all the many windows to pick and choose what pleases you.

The space I’m talking about is your pure presence. It’s full of energy – chi is the energy of presence. You can suppose that you are ‘being present’, or ‘living in the moment’ but to actually pass through the portal into a new space of consciousness you have to immerse yourself in the energy of your own presence.

The change is rather like being in the heat of the sauna and then sinking into the cool lake. It’s rather like being in the forest, with the granite of the planet beneath your feet. It’s allowing the wind to blow through you. It’s like falling into a deep sleep while your perception is wide awake. And when you return to your usual place in the world, you take that space with you – resonant with receptivity, vibrant with potential.

Clive Tempest