Catering restaurant

We can proudly tell people that we know how to cook in our kitchen. We use mainly locally-produced food and our bread is home baked. We have room for 120 persons indoors and we’re allowed to serve spirits. Our catering restaurant is ready to serve you and your guests throught the year!

We also offer catering services, for example memorial services in parish houses or weddings in youth centers.

Plan your event with us and celebrate an unforgettable time in the archipelago – Welcome!


Here at Labbnäs we make our own bread from scratch and therefore we can also bake whatever you would like to order. We pick rhubarb, apples and berries from our own garden when the season is right, locally produced food is close to our hearts. We are mostly known for our whole grain bread. Our kitchen can handle most pastries and delicacies, especially the traditional sandwich cake and cream-layer cakes.

Order well in advance! The price is determined by the size and ingredients of the pastry.

Looking for prices and menus ?

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