Labbnäs vacation home

Labbnäs semesterhem
Labbnäsvägen 66
25870 Dragsfjärd
Business-ID: 0203701-8

Opening Hours
Order restaurant functions and accommodation throughout the year at request.

Manager Eva Magnusson-Tamminen
Phone +358 40 83 30 495

Getting to Kimito Island

Coordinates (Labbnäs) 60°03.926’N, 022°28.798’E

Getting to Kimito Island is straight forward. The trip from Helsinki takes about two hours and from Turku just one hour. Two bridges connect the Island to the mainland so there’s no need to follow complex time tables etc. You can get all the way to the big cities by the same bus and there are many departures/arrivals every day. For the sailor there’s two great harbors, one in Dalsbruk and one in Kasnäs.